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What is a Consignment Boat Dealer?

A Consignment Boat Dealer sells boats much the same way a realty broker sells homes and property. We demo your boat for qualified prospective buyers and handle the final financial transaction and transfer of title to the new owners.

Why should I let Mitchell's Boat Consignment market my boat for me?

Mitchell's Boat Consignment has been marketing consignment boats since Spring 2012. Your boat is publicly shown 7 days a week at our secure lot located on high-traffic Hwy 210 in Sneads Ferry. Your boat is also presented on our Web Site at no cost. We pickup most boats and pontoons within a 50 mile radius without charge.

What does it cost?

Until we sell your boat, it cost you nothing. After your boat is sold, our usual commission is 10% ($1000 minimum), or a previously agreed upon dollar amount that you have to have. If your boat is not sold, there are no hidden fees or costs. We only makes money if we find a buyer for your boat. You may cancel your contract and pickup your boat at any time.

Exception: Boats without trailers may require special equipment to transport and setup. Please call for more information.

What does Mitchell's Boat Consignment need to sell my boat?

Any boat that is powered by motor or sail is required to have a valid title in your name. Boats that are human powered (canoes, paddle-boats and rowboats) do not need titles. Outboard motors may be required to have valid titles depending on registered state. Valid Power of Attorney letters are required if you are selling a boat/motor that is not titled in your name (as in an estate sale). If a bank has your title because you are still making payments on it a current payoff is required and you are still responsible for payments until vessel is sold.

But what if I still want to use my boat while trying to sell it?

You are welcome at any time to pickup and use your boat.

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